Investment Management

Now, with fiduciary guidance from the advisors at J. Nelson Financial Group, LLC you can take advantage of a broad array of Fee-based programs including retirement plans, wealth management and financial planning services. These programs, offered through our broker dealer, LPL Financial, to provide a level of investment sophistication and oversight often used by larger institutional plans.

LPL's open architecture allows you to choose from a robust portfolio of multi-style managed accounts and investment products designed to meet a wide range of investor risk/return objectives. We will help you choose the investment objective strategy and model that is best suited to your financial goals and circumstances and manage the strategy for each model by:

  • Determining the asset allocation mix best suited to each objective model.
  • Recommending money managers and/or investment vehicles based on rigorous due diligence for each component of the asset allocation mix.
  • Monitoring the portfolio for tax efficiency and to reduce security overlap and sector concentration.
  • Rebalancing the portfolio on a regular basis to keep it aligned with the desired investment objective and changing market conditions.

These services provide you with managed accounts which provide an integrated investment strategy, a professionally managed portfolio consisting of multiple investment styles and vehicles, and ongoing monitoring -- all in a convenient, single-account format.

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